4 years old kid speech delay, what can we do?



I have 4 years old kid at home and she is currently attending a public school (maternelle) in Schaerbeek.

We are from asian country and we just moved here from another europe country due to my job. 

 She has some speech delay issue and because of this she is also having some communication issue with her peers.

Last year we already bring her to see a psychologist in sweden and, it was still too early to diagnose her as an autistic or just having speech delay issue.

She does not have any problem to follow command, she respond when we call her name or asked her to do something like eating or peeing in the toilet. 

She does not speak any word yet. Not even 'mama' or 'dada'. 

We are totally clueless and devastated on how to proceed for her treatment. We reached out to several paediatric neurologist but the earliest appointment we could get is in September 2024.

Should we start her speech theraphy first before we bring her to see a neurologist or psychologist specialist? What is the procedure to seek treatment for speech theraphy in Belgium? we also already registered with mutuelle.

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